Official Rules


PWC – Personal Water Craft

Ride Participants – Applies to registered Captains and Riders of PWC or vessels that participate in traveling to official site stops. 

Walk-in Participants – Applies to anyone that did not participate in traveling to the official site stops and wants to purchase a poker hand for the event.

Score Card – A card consisting of the official event map, site stop verification, and poker hand scoring.

“All ride participants will sign a waiver, be at least 18 years old, and will obey all Florida laws and county ordinances.  You will need a valid ID Card with you to register for the event.  (Notaries will be at each pre-registration party location and Fudpucker’s on Okaloosa Island the morning of July 22, 2017”

Captain entries are $40 which includes 1 score card, 1 t-shirt (while supplies last), 1 raffle ticket & 1 swag bag.  Rider entries are $20 which includes 1 score card and 1 swag bag.

Ride Participants must check in at the early registration parties on July 21st or register the day of the event on July 22nd at Fudpucker’s on Okaloosa Island (starting at 8am) to receive their score card. Event will start at 9am and no verifications or poker chips will be given prior.  All scorecards must be completed and submitted at Fudpucker’s on Okaloosa Island, prior to 4pm on event day.

Walk-in Participants can pay $40 per hand, for a 5 card draw format at Fudpucker’s on Okaloosa Island.  The walk-in participants will be dealt 5 cards only.  The results of that hand will be recorded on the score card and will be collected and tracked.

If event is officially cancelled due to bad weather, all rules will remain the same with the date changed to July 29.  Weather delay decision will be make prior to 8am on 22nd.  All pre registrants are automatically registered for the rain date of the 29th.  If we the event starts at 9am, it becomes an official event and anyone returning with at least 5 verified stops are eligible to win.

To play:

Ride Participants will be provided a score card at registration.  Ride Participants have the option to visit each of the 7 official site stops but must visit at least 5 of stops to have a valid score card.  Ride participants will be provided a distinct poker chip for each official stop, and their score card validated by site personnel.

Ride participants must present both their verified score card and corresponding poker chips to the dealers at Fudpuckers on Okaloosa Island at the end of the poker run.  The number of verified stops and chips will relate to how many cards are dealt. Example: 6 verified stops, 6 dealt cards, etc.

The dealers will shuffle a single deck per hand.  The “player” will have the ability to cut the deck if desired.  All cards will be dealt face up.

The winning hand is determined by standard poker rankings. This is an optional 7 card stud or minimum 5 card draw format with no wildcards, best 5 cards decide winning hand.  There will be a single deck of 52 cards played per hand. Information will be recorded on the score card, which will be collected for tracking purposes. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 poker hands.

In the event of a tie, players will draw a single card from a deck of 52 cards (high card wins) to determine the winner.

Best hands will be tracked and posted for participants to view while the event is in progress.

Extra hands:

Extra hands can be purchased by ride participants for $20 each upon conclusion of the poker run at Fudpucker’s on Okaloosa Island only while at the dealer table.  Once they walk away, they will not be able to purchase additional hands, except under the walk-in participant price.  Additional hands for walk-in participants are $40 each and 5 cards only.  


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